YAMAHA XS1100 Midnight Special, great survivor, very original SOLD


We have a very nice and original 12/1979 Yamaha XS1100 Midnight Special, showing 43,868 miles

Overall very nice, complete and original, has a few age blemishes, not bad for over 43 years old

Motor runs nicely, as usual we always recommend a full service

Tank is OK, a little grubby inside we have rinsed it out but could do with a bit more, it is running with fuel and a couple of inline filters, so not that bad

Has very good paint but a couple of small dents

Seat is original a very small tear and an impression, but still very good condition

Incl. screen, rims are very good, but should have new tyres

The h/l knob on the switch gear is missing, and the tang Brocken but still usable, choke lever on carby has tang missing but still works fine

Has a new battery

Please ask any questions, inspection welcome, ask about door to door delivery

PH  0434005103, no text or email mcmuseum54@gmail.com



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