QUASAR replica, Honda CX500


Hand crafted aluminium body, CX500 based, riden over 60,000km, import approved
I purchased this bike in New Zealand, where it was registered, the owner had it built and was still ridding it when I purchased it, he was turning 70 years old and thought he should slow down
He rode it for years covering about 50,000 Km
It is OK to ride, surprisingly easy and comfortable
The style is a very close replica to the British built Quasar of which only 22 were built
The body on this is hand beaten aluminium and was made by Steve Roberts ( known for his manufacture of aluminium car bodies )
A very unique and practical concept
The bike is basically a standard Honda CX500 with about 450mm extension in the frame
Please ask any questions, ph 0434005103, no text, email: mcmuseum@gil.com.au



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